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Girlfriend Tells Boyfriend ‘Either The Dog Goes Or I Go’ – Man’s Reply Wins The Internet


Most people see their pets as a member of their family. If someone you were dating asked you to choose between them and your family member, you’d probably immediately show them the door.

But for some reason, there are people out there who think it’s appropriate to ask their loved ones to choose between them and a pet.

One boyfriend had the best response when he was given this ultimatum. He decided to try and re-home his girlfriend instead of getting rid of his dog.

The Roanoke Virginia beagle owner decided to pen a hilarious Craigslist ad seeking “any willing home” for his “purebred.”

He placed the following ad in the “community/pets” section of the website:

“My girlfriend does not like my beagle Molly. SO I have to rehome her,” he wrote. “She is a purebred from a wealthy area and I have had her 4 years. She likes to play games. Not totally trained. Has long hair so she’s a little high maintenance, especially the nails, but she loves having them done.”

It seems as if Molly’s dad is talking about Molly, but readers soon learn that this isn’t the case.

“Stays up all night yapping but sleeps while I work. Only eats the best, most expensive food,” he continues. “Will NEVER greet you at the door after a long day or give you unconditional love when you’re down. Does not bite but she can be mean as hell!”

It actually sounds like a dog that would be a nightmare to adopt.

“So… anyone interested in my 30-year-old, selfish, wicked, gold-digging girlfriend?” he asks. “Come and get her! Me and my dog want her re-homed ASAP!!”

Rehome… that’s a really nice way of saying dumped! We still just can’t understand how someone could even ask that of another person.

“The dog should not be the one leaving. She’s your child not just a dog. The trauma you do to that baby is cruel and despicable. Girlfriends come and go but baby’s stay forever,” wrote one person in the comments on Happiest. “I give you six months with the girlfriend what are you going to feel like then about giving up your baby. It shows who will wear the pants in your life. If she can’t accept you and your baby you need to think twice before you continue a relationship with someone so cruel.”

We hope that he and Molly find a new girlfriend soon!
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Couple Adopts ‘Tiny’ Shelter Puppy, Gets Home And Realizes Their Hilarious Mistake


Though it’s hard to see why some people are just not dog people. And when you have a non-dog person in your home, you’ll do just about anything to change their mind.

Even if that means negotiating or bending the truth. Sometimes it actually takes both of those things.

Sue Markham’s decided that she would just bring a puppy home from a local shelter one day. In order to convince her husband to let her keep the dog, she told him that the dog was a Jack Russel puppy.

Her husband didn’t want a big dog in the house and her new puppy was one of the biggest dog breeds there is, so she had to come up with the fib.

Their new dog Yogi was actually a Boston Great Dane and Robert Markham had no idea.

But he eventually figured out that something wasn’t quite right when the dog surpassed the size of a Jack Russel terrier. His wife eventually told him about the little lie and he wasn’t even that mad. He was in love with Yogi at that point.

Not only is Yogi a huge breed of dog, but he’s pretty large for his breed. The average Boston Great Dane weighs about 135 lbs but Yogi weighs about 65 lbs more than that at 200 lbs.

He’s also 6’11” which is as tall as some NBA players.

“I thought a big dog would be a lot of work and could be trouble. We only have a small living room,” Robert told Daily Mail. “I thought, “How much trouble can a Jack Russell be?” By the time he was five months old, he was bigger than any Jack Russell he came across at the park and he had this big tongue that lolled out of his mouth and a tail like a baseball bat.”

Basically, he’s as big as a horse. He actually wears a jacket made for a horse to wear when it’s cold out.

He’s also quite the pampered pup now at 9-years-old.

What started as a 1 lb 5 oz. terrier was now a 200 plus pound dog that eats $213 worth of food each month. Every morning he eats four scrambled eggs and sausages and has his very own couch that he watches TV on.


“Bear sees himself as one of the family,” Sue said. “He certainly thinks of himself as a real person. He sits on his own sofa and watches the TV with us.He’s very protective of it. If a stranger comes in, he won’t let them go and sit on his sofa.”

The only person he allows on that couch is a senior neighborhood cat the family named Toffee who specifically comes to the Markham household to cozy up with Yogi on his couch.
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Pit Bull Is Left To Die Chained To A Tree, Refuses To Stop Protecting Her Secret


Though dogs are commonly regarded as loyal animals, we don’t often see the extreme situations wherein that loyalty is tested.

For the most part, we think of loyal dogs as being cheerful when we come home, wagging their tails and waiting by the door for us. Or we think of a dog that always comes running back after we throw the ball to them. Sometimes, however, more dire situations prove just how incredible these animals can be.

One such example happened in Nafplion, a Greek seaport village near Tripoli.

In a forest near the village, a pit bull had been tied to a tree and left to die.

To make matters even worse, the dog—later named Lara—was pregnant with a litter of puppies. Having little else to do, Lara gave birth to all her babies. Still, she had no access to food or water and was left to brave the elements all on her own. Perhaps the saddest part of the story, however, is that many locals knew that the dog was tied up outside. Still, they were all too afraid to approach her and help because of a fear of pitbulls.

Fortunately, someone finally came to the poor dog’s aid.

The person who rescued the dog was Stellios Kyriaku, a Greek man who lived in Nafplion.

Upon discovering the poor animal, he was amazed at what he found. Despite being all alone without any food or shelter, Lara had survived and had also kept her puppies alive as well (although the youngest, sadly, had passed away). After taking her in, Kyriaku made a Facebook post detailing what he had seen. Translated from Greek, it read:

“This dog was tied up ten days ago while she was pregnant . . . there, without food and water, under these abnormal weather conditions of cold and rain in 38 degree Celsius weather, she gave birth to four puppies . . . her eyes kill me and a shudder of shame penetrates me. They say that man is dog’s best friend but no one says man is dog’s worst enemy.”

After posting the picture and helping Lara back to life, she was taken in by another woman named Linda.

After some love and and care, Lara has put weight back on and her puppies are growing back into health. And despite all she’s been through, she still remains a warm and open-hearted dog. This story goes to show that not only can dogs be incredibly loyal and heroic, but more specifically, pit bulls can be some of the most nurturing breeds out there. The ongoing rumor that these animals are always bloodthirsty and aggressive is simply not true.

Source : AnimalChannel

Dog Is Dropped Off At Shelter, But His Infectious Smile Has Hundreds Applying To Adopt Him


A tiny dog named Cheech was dropped off at a shelter in Texas. When the staff saw the dog’s silly smile, they absolutely lost it.

At just two-years-old, Cheech was dropped off at an animal shelter in Waller, Texas. Since the little guy was so small, the staff at the shelter was concerned that he might be anxious and get frightened easily. Not long after arriving at the shelter, he proved that this certainly wasn’t the case.

As Cheech was hanging out in his kennel, the director of the City of Waller Animal Shelter and Rescue, Leah Sipe, was walking by and noticed the little dog making a funny face. At first, she was afraid that he was upset and growling — but it was the total opposite.

After noticing Cheech making a silly little grin, his face relaxed into the most adorable, sweetest smile she’d ever seen.


“I went into the kennel to check him out and yelled for the other volunteers to come look,” Leah told The Dodo. “They thought I was insane and that he was snarling, when I stuck my hand in the cage I thought they were going to pass out. He’s as friendly as can be!”

Leah and the rest of the staff fell utterly in love with Cheech and his precious smile. She decided to take a picture of him and post it on Facebook. As you can imagine, his adorable grin sent the internet into a complete frenzy.

The pictures of Cheech and his sweet smirk were shared almost 8,000 times. Hundreds of people sent in applications to adopt him.

Sifting through dozens of applications, the shelter staff wanted to make sure they looked at each one carefully. They wanted to ensure that Cheech was going to go to the perfect home. Soon, they came across an application from a woman who seemed like the ideal fit.

The woman had recently lost one of her two dogs to cancer. Dusty, her other dog, was completely overwhelmed with grief. She knew that a happy, smiley pup like Cheech would be the perfect way to cheer Dusty up.

The woman brought Dusty down to the shelter to meet Cheech. The two of them had an instant connection, and it was clear that the smiling dog had a new home.

Now, all Cheech wants to do is cuddle and play with his mom and new brother. The tiny dog’s award-winning smile led him to his perfect, forever family.

The original Facebook post that shot Cheech to stardom is below. How could anyone possibly resist that smile?

Y'all… this smiling dog we got in at the shelter yesterday is ridiculous! #ICantEvenUPDATE- I've received a lot of…

Posted by City of Waller Animal Shelter and Rescue on Friday, October 20, 2017

Morbidly Obese Dog Decides To Change Her Life. The New Her Is Inspiring


According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 59% of cats and 54% of dogs in the United States are overweight or obese.

Pet obesity is a serious epidemic in the U.S. and it can lead to serious health conditions, a low quality of life, and sometimes death. So, when Kristy and John Cotthaus heard about an obese dog in desperate need of help, they were immediately want to rescue her.

Kristy and John own a dog training business called Zoom Room Virginia Beach, they first learned about the dog, named Strudel, through the rescue group Hearts for Hounds. Strudel had been taken in by the rescue group after her elderly owner passed away.

When 7-year-old Strudel arrived at the shelter, she weighed 81 pounds. She was extremely overweight and suffered from inflamed joints.

The couple contacted Hearts for Hounds and offered free fitness advice and services, as well as working with a veterinarian to get Strudel’s diet back on track. They also built her an agility track which she took to like a total natural!

“We motivate dogs with treats, toys and praise but Strudel was actually easy, it’s almost like she knew what she had to do,” Kristy Cotthaus told HuffPost. “We didn’t have to use any treats at all because she was motivated to do the agility [course] with just lots of praise.”

Strudel has already lost 25 pounds on her amazing fitness journey. Her energy has started to really perk up and she seems to be an entirely new girl.

The beautiful, sweet dog is up through adoption through Hearts for Hounds, but she was placed in a foster home with Kristen Horton in the meantime. Kristen noticed what a gentle, kind demeanor that Strudel had.

“Strudel is the sweetest animal we have ever met,” Horton said in an email. “She is calm, friendly, loves to play, snuggle, and walk, and is well-trained … Think gentle giant (though not so giant anymore!!)”


Since losing over two dozen pounds, Strudel found it much easier to run and move around. This wasn’t good news for Kristen’s cat. After starting to pick on her other fur baby, it was time for Strudel to move out of her home. She knows that she’ll find her forever home soon, though.

Now, the fun, happy, and energetic dog needs a home that will keep her active. Oh, and preferably no cats. Kids and other dogs are Strudel’s favorite!

Strudel still has some joint issues which make stairs a bit difficult, but other than that, she’s an incredible dog and has so much love to give. Her transformation and journey show just how amazing and persistent Strudel really is.

If you’re interested in adopting Strudel, you can contact Hearts for Hounds and fill out an application.

“She is a miracle of a pup so far,” Kristen Horton, her foster mom, said.

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